As fall quickly approaches in Southern Ontario and apples become ripe for harvest, I have had a few friends reach out and ask for a basic, yet tasty hard cider recipe.  I thought about just posting a recipe, but then figured I could add some value to their adventure by walking through a step by [...]

Sometimes in life events transpire to put you in the exact right location at the exact right time. FerndalePalooza was one of those moments for me.   The small beverage festival kicked off a year long journey I have embarked on to explore the connection between local living and understanding ones true self. When I reflect [...]

Brewing does not actually capture everything created at VincentsFermentery.   Artisanal beverages is actually a much better description.   Classifying beverages into something everyone understands is a bit more difficult.   Mead, Cider, Beer and Ale are very old terms that have changed over time but do not necessarily reflect the history from which the terms came.  I [...]

Members, here’s your chance to be an arm-chair brewer.   Here’s how you are going to have a say in what we are going to create together.  My goal is to go beyond the label on a beverage bottle and get you a bit more involved in the local ingredients, but yet not so far that [...]

A very famous industrialist once said that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.   My fermentery is devoted to mistakes.  In a consistent world, where you always know what you are going to get, I want to offer my family and friends less of the familiar and more of the [...]

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