A blend of Northern Ontario Wild Flower honey and Ontario grown apples, this is a classic cyser.   At 9.9% alcohol by volume it packs a punch but is balanced by some residual sweetness.   This batch was brewed as a pilot batch in a first generation receipe that will lead to many more. Brewed:  Mid-Summer Ready [...]

About I was looking around for a natural herb that offered the tannin or bitterness I desire in a cider.  I stumbled across sweet fern after brewing it up in a tea.  So I purchased some from Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto and was off.   Instead of artificially adjusting my cider with acid blends or [...]

About The recipe for this variation of my gruit came from George Heilshorn’s book Against All Hops.   The grain bill is a bit more complex than previous editions.   It combines some specialty grain with standard grains to form a base that should have a bit more head and body.    The main flavouring ingredients remain [...]

Simply apple juice and yeast.  Might seem like cheating to use pasteurized Allen’s, but for a blank testing canvas for other ingredients it has its merits. 

It was not easy finding enough bulk honey in late Winter for this brew.   Jeremy and I first tried Willow Grove Heritage and Honey Farm, but there wasn’t any honey to be found.  A harsh season in 2017 meant a smaller yield.  We headed over to West Ave Cider for a quick tasting and to figure out where we could find the 9Ibs we needed. 

This is my first attempt at a traditional gruit for the Club.  The main flavouring ingredients are Canadian sourced yarrow, marsh rosemary, and sweet gale.  The adventure was all about sourcing these ingredients and I stumbled across Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto back in February. 

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