This is my first attempt at a traditional gruit for the Club.  The main flavouring ingredients are Canadian sourced yarrow, marsh rosemary, and sweet gale.  The adventure was all about sourcing these ingredients and I stumbled across Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto back in February. 

It was not easy finding enough bulk honey in late Winter for this brew.   Jeremy and I first tried Willow Grove Heritage and Honey Farm, but there wasn’t any honey to be found.  A harsh season in 2017 meant a smaller yield.  We headed over to West Ave Cider for a quick tasting and to figure out where we could find the 9Ibs we needed. 

Simply apple juice and yeast.  Might seem like cheating to use pasteurized Allen’s, but for a blank testing canvas for other ingredients it has its merits. 

About The recipe for this variation of my gruit came from George Heilshorn’s book Against All Hops.   The grain bill is a bit more complex than previous editions.   It combines some specialty grain with standard grains to form a base that should have a bit more head and body.    The main flavouring ingredients remain [...]

About I was looking around for a natural herb that offered the tannin or bitterness I desire in a cider.  I stumbled across sweet fern after brewing it up in a tea.  So I purchased some from Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto and was off.   Instead of artificially adjusting my cider with acid blends or [...]

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