The recipe for this variation of my gruit came from George Heilshorn’s book Against All Hops.   The grain bill is a bit more complex than previous editions.   It combines some specialty grain with standard grains to form a base that should have a bit more head and body.    The main flavouring ingredients remain Canadian sourced yarrow, marsh rosemary, and sweet gale.


I always start with designing the water.   It is one of the most important ingredients.  In this case I start with distilled as a blank canvas and add back minerals using Brewer’s Friend.   After a through cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, the grain is milled and the wort is produced.  I use a Zymatic from Pico Brew because I usually brew in small batch sizes.   After making the wort, I added the herbs and boiled the brew for a short 45 min.   Cooled it and pitched a very common ale yeast strain.   It’ll ferment for about 14 days and I’ll take the temperature down to clear it and get it ready to bottle condition.

Date Brewed:  19 May 2018
Brewer:  Vincent Sowa
ABV: 3.5%
Brewed For:  BeerClub
Ready: 19 June 2018
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