Fast Mead

It was not easy finding enough bulk honey in late Winter for this brew.   Jeremy and I first tried Willow Grove Heritage and Honey Farm, but there wasn’t any honey to be found.  A harsh season in 2017 meant a smaller yield.  We headed over to West Ave Cider for a quick tasting and to figure out where we could find the 9Ibs we needed.  It just so happens that Dutchman’s Gold head office was down the street.   Although a blended product, it was our best option for so much honey so late (or early) in the season.  Nothing else in this first mead other than honey, water and yeast.   It will take awhile to mellow out, but looking forward to a very dry sipping mead.

Date Brewed:  9 March 2018
Brewer:  Vincent Sowa & Jeremy Laidlaw
ABV: 13.44%
Brewed For:  BeerClub
Ready: 14 June 2018
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