Sweet Fern Cider


I was looking around for a natural herb that offered the tannin or bitterness I desire in a cider.  I stumbled across sweet fern after brewing it up in a tea.  So I purchased some from Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto and was off.   Instead of artificially adjusting my cider with acid blends or tannins this beverage is on the road map to searching out local ingredients that accomplish the same feat.


Cider, if you are not pressing your own apples, is pretty straightforward.   It is an ancient process that I do not see yet much value in changing.   Apples, yeast and botanicals blended together.  In this case, I added the sweet fern prior to fermentation which could pose some issues, but I’ll wait and see what the result is after fermentation is done to see if I should have added post.

Date Brewed:  29 July 2018
Brewer:  Vincent Sowa
ABV: TBD (Original Gravity 1.042)
Brewed For:  BeerClub
Ready: 30 August 2018
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